Holy days and the first day of the week

The Literacy class where I am a volunteer restarted after half term, last Monday the 20th February and I was very surprised to find that I learnt something myself. The teacher asked everyone, “What is the first day of the Week?” You possibly thought like me that it was Monday. or maybe you are cleverer than me and know that it is in fact Sunday.

Now I thought that in the bible, the Sabbath, or Sunday, was the last day of the week.  The day when you are supposed to rest and not work.  Then I got to thinking that this is only true if you are a Christian. In the Jewish faith Saturday is their Holy day and for Muslims, it is Friday.

Taking it further, if you are an Odinist, and worship the Moon, then Monday is your Holy day, and Tuesday is your day if you worship the God Tiu. Wednesday is for followers of Wotan and for worshipers of Thor, Thursday is their special day.

Now in this modern multi-cultural world where we should all accept and  be tolerant of other religions, perhaps we should celebrate all the days of the week as holy days or holidays. We could then not work at all and that would solve the problem of the first day of the week, but it may not be so good for the economy in general, especially as atheists would complain that they never ever got a holiday!!